9 things a woman loves to hear. Check out the best compliments you can possibly give her

There are endless ways you can compliment women. You can tell them their outfit is killer, that their eyes shine like the light from the sun, or that you love the way they’re able to argue with you for an hour straight about why poha is the best breakfast. And yet, so many people (read: men) seem to get it wrong.

Actions speak louder than words, but that doesn’t mean that what you say doesn’t hold significance in your relationship. There are certain things women appreciate, and they don’t always involve gifts and flowers. When it comes to making a woman feel loved, think simple, thoughtful, and sweet.

Here are eight compliments that women (and even men, for that matter) are all bound to appreciate:

1. You smell really good.

Whether it’s your floral perfume, lavender essential oils, or the bold scent of fearlessness, it’s nice to know that other people have noticed how good you smell.

2. You look so healthy.

Instead of telling someone they look so “skinny,” or “little,” maybe you should just let them know they look healthy. Because ultimately, compliments should make a person feel good about themselves.

3. You are a genius.

Even if it’s something like suggesting a two-for-one pizza deal, someone’s ingenuity must be recognised.

4. Your hair looks amazing.

Many women will agree that it takes time and effort to look effortlessly good, so compliment away!

5. What’s your skin regimen?

Asking what women do in terms of face and make-up is one of the biggest compliments. It makes women feel like Deepika Padukone, which is not a feeling they can often get.

6. Can you share your salad recipe with me?

This is an indirect way of saying, “I can’t live without this thing you made” and that you’re a good cook. Let it be known you appreciate a woman’s culinary efforts, because we’re telling you, it’s not easy making a tasty salad.

7. I love your house.

If you like what a woman’s done with her place, totally let her know, because chances are she wants someone to appreciate her interior designing skills.

8. You’re really good at what you do.

We should take pride in what we do for a living. Doesn’t matter if it’s teaching, cooking, singing, marketing, engineering, or writing. Everyone wants to be amazing. So yeah.

9. You kind of look like Aishwarya Rai Bachchan right now.

Or whatever celebrity you want to equate someone to. Come on, it always feels good when someone compares you to someone famous.

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