WhatsApp Has a New Update For iOS With Better Group Privacy Settings And More

WhatsApp Has a New Update For iOS With Better Group Privacy Settings And More

WhatsApp for iOS has received an update which is now rolling out for the Apple iPhone line-up. There are a bunch of new features as well as some tweaks under the hood. The Facebook-owned WhatsApp, the most popular instant messaging app in the world, has been consistently adding new features for Android as well as iOS users. The latest WhatsApp update for iOS is now available on the App Store. There are new privacy settings, more versatile WhatsApp call notifications and also the “from Facebook” branding on the settings page.

There are new privacy settings which allow the user to control who can add them to groups on WhatsApp. As a user, you can now choose between Everyone, My Contacts, My Contacts Except… and Nobody. If you select the last option, the admins who want to add you to their groups on WhatsApp will be able to send you a private invite instead. These options are available at WhatsApp ->Settings -> Account -> Privacy -> Groups. The new WhatsApp update also adds call waiting support, which means you will now be notified about another incoming call even though you may already be on a WhatsApp call—and it is up to you to accept that call or not. WhatsApp has also made a slight tweak to the visual appearance of the chat screen, and we are glad that this change has happened. There is a bit more space padding on this screen than before, which makes for a cleaner layout and everything is just easier to read.

This update comes at a time when the world is waiting for the official release of the Dark Mode on WhatsApp. It has been teased in multiple WhatsApp Beta versions, particularly for Android, over the past few weeks, but there is no confirmation on the final release schedule.

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