Kareena Kapoor says she rejected Saif Ali Khan’s marriage proposal twice: ‘I said I don’t know you’

Kareena Kapoor says she rejected Saif Ali Khan’s marriage proposal twice: ‘I said I don’t know you’

Actor Kareena Kapoor Khan has admitted that she didn’t react with 100% enthusiasm when Saif Ali Khan proposed to her for the first time. And when he proposed a second time, she was just as unsure.

Kareena in an interview with Pinkvilla was asked if rumours that she rebuffed Saif’s proposals twice were true. She said that Saif first brought up the possibility of marriage while they were filming Tashan. She said that they were shooting in Greece when Saif first broached the topic. She said, “He did tell me that ‘I think we should get married’. He told me that in Greece and he told me that in Ladakh as well. And at that time I was like ‘I don’t know because I don’t know you’. So it was not really a ‘no’ but it was more like a ‘I want to know you better’”.

The actor added, “I think I made the best decision of my life.” Asked about her decision to continue working through her marriage, pregnancy, and motherhood, she said, “I was so clear about the fact that my professional life is different from my personal life. It can’t be a disease to fall in love, is it? It can’t be death. I told Saif, I said ‘listen I’m never going to stop working’, and he was like ‘you must do that’”.

Saif in a recent interview was asked if he feels threatened by Kareena’s professional success, especially since his own films haven’t been doing too well at the box office. “No, no, no. I mean I think we’re far too realistic for that kind of thing. One understands that but no we aren’t as chauvinist…you know things change, things go up and down and things happen. At one point in time somebody is more successful than the other and the other time both people are having a great time. But I have never measured life in those terms. In fact the success of my life has got nothing to do with box office. It’s to do precisely what’s happening at home,” he told journalist Rajeev Masand.

Kareena also welcomed Saif as a guest on her talk show. Asked about what it was like having a conversation on camera with her husband, she said, “It was weird at first talking about modern marriages with Saif. But it ended up as a great conversation.”

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