MEA declines to comment on Pak businessman’s claim on backdoor diplomacy with India

MEA declines to comment on Pak businessman’s claim on backdoor diplomacy with India

The Ministry of External Affairs said it does not comment on observations from private individuals about Indo-Pak relations. When asked to respond to claims made by Pakistan’s billionaire businessman Mian Mansha that backchannels are working between India and Pakistan and that would yield good results, MEA claried that it was not the practice of South Block to comment on statements by private individuals.

Mian Muhammad Mansha, Chairman of $5-billion Nishat Group, reportedly said that behind the scenes talks were going on between India and Pakistan. He also claimed that if things went well, it would not take a month for Prime Minister Modi to visit Pakistan. He also said, “There is no permanent enemy…we need to fix things with India.”

Speaking at the Lahore Chambers of Commerce and Industry on Wednesday, Pakistan’s richest man Mansha advised both the neighbours to resolve their disputes through talks so that they can start trade to fight poverty in the region.

According to Dawn, Mansha said: “If the economy does not improve, the country may face disastrous consequences. Pakistan should improve trade relations with India and take a regional approach to economic development. Europe fought two great wars, but ultimately settled for peace and regional development. There is no permanent enmity.”

Mansha said that before the 1965 war, Pakistan had 50 percent of its trade with India. He said we need peace and we have to mend things with India urgently. India has good technology and Pakistan too has many things to sell in return.

He also said Europe progressed due to trade across borders.

The trade relations between both countries remain suspended since August 2019 after India ended the special status of Jammu and Kashmir by abbrogating Article 370.

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