AR Rahman introduces his daughters and son as they pose for a magazine.

Singer AR Rahman, who was recently accused of forcing his daughter to wear a niqaab, has shared a new picture of his three kids on his Instagram.

The new picture is from their shoot for Hello! magazine and shows his daughter Khatija sitting on a chair with her face covered in a niqaab, while his other daughter Raheema is dressed in a floor-length gown and his son Ameen is looking dapper in a suit. He captioned the picture, “Raheema ,Khatija and Ameen posing for Hello magazine.”

Just a few days ago, the singer was mercilessly trolled on the social media as his daughter Khatija interviewed him on stage at the 10 year anniversary celebrations of his Oscar winning film Slumdog Millionaire, in a sari paired with a niqaab. As the Twitter users cracked down on him by calling him a hypocrite, Khatija offered an explanation on her Facebook account. She wrote, “I would like to say that the attire I wear or the choices I make in my life does not have anything to do with my parents. The veil has been my personal choice with complete acceptance and honour. I am a sane mature adult who knows to make my choices in life.”

Rahman, too, had shared a picture of his two daughters and wife Saiira with only Khatija wearing a niqaab. He introduced them with the caption, “The precious ladies of my family Khatija, Raheema and Sairaa with NitaAmbaniji #freedomtochoose.”

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