No Love Lost – Waugh Responds to Warne’s ‘Most Selfish Cricketer’ Remark

Recently former Australia leg-spinner Shane Warne had called Steve Waugh the “most selfish cricketer” ever, but the latter’s ice cold response to the allegation has doused the controversy.

“People keep saying it’s a feud,” Waugh told Nine Papers. “But to me, a feud’s between two people. I’ve never brought into it, so it’s just one person.

“His comments are a reflection of himself, nothing to do with me,” he said. “That’s all I’d say.”

Last week Warne drew a line between Waugh’s involvement in a high number of run outs – in total 104 – and his own belief that former Australia skipper was selfish.

Despite his tweets on Waugh, Warne has always maintained that he does not hate Waugh.

He then said in a later tweet: “For the record AGAIN & I’ve said this 1000 times – I do not hate S Waugh at all. FYI – I picked him in my all time best Australian team recently. Steve was easily the most selfish cricketer that I ever played with and this stat……. (sic.)”

Despite the number of years the pair shared the dressing room in the dominant Australian team of the late 1990’s Warne and Waugh share a frayed relationship ever since Warne was dropped during a Test tour of the West Indies in 1999. Warne had previously called Waugh selfish in his 2018 autobiography as well.

“Steve Waugh was the most selfish player I ever played with and was only worried about averaging 50,” he had said in the book.

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