‘Me and captain argue a lot over this’: Kuldeep Yadav reveals hilarious discussion with Virat Kohli

‘Me and captain argue a lot over this’: Kuldeep Yadav reveals hilarious discussion with Virat Kohli

It is a fact well known that several members of Indian cricket team are also avid fans of football and vehemently follow the sport. India captain Virat Kohli is known to be a huge Cristiano Ronaldo fan and once, in an interview, said that he supports Spanish club Real Madrid. On the other hand, India spinner Kuldeep Yadav is a huge fan of Brazilian forward Neymar, and supports Real Madrid’s arch-rivals FC Barcelona.

In a recent interview to Cricbuzz on their Spicy Pitch Youtube show, Kuldeep revealed a hilarious interaction between him and Virat over football.

“The first football match I saw was Brazil vs Spain in 2012, in which Neymar was playing. I saw him for the first time, and I thought he is a great player. His quality and skill level was too good. He is my favourite player since then. Many people don’t like him. Me and captain Virat Kohli argue a lot over this, because he is a Ronaldo fan,” Kuldeep said.

“Yes, absolutely. My favourite club is FC Barcelona. Once, Ronaldo scored a hat-trick for Portugal. So, Kohli came to me and he was showing me a video. That evening, Messi also scored a hat-trick as well, so I showed that to him and said ‘look at this’,” he added.

Meanwhile, in the same interview, Kuldeep also recalled his debut Test match against Australia in Dharamsala in 2017. “I get emotional when I remember my Test debut in Dharamsala. The most important thing for me at the time was how to perform. I remember a day before the match, Anil sir came to me and said ‘you will play tomorrow, you have to take 5 wickets’,” he said.

Talking about how he felt after getting his first breakthrough of David Warner, Kuldeep said: “It was my first Test wicket. I felt really emotionally attached that I was almost into tears.”

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