Two Days After Hindu Leader Kamlesh Tiwari’s Murder, Cops Recover Clothes Matching CCTV Suspects

Lucknow: Uttar Pradesh police claim to have found the clothes allegedly worn by the suspects in the murder of Hindu leader Kamlesh Tiwari, whjo was killed at his residence on Friday.

Police said the clothes and a backpack were recovered from a hotel near Tiwari’s house in Lucknow. The two men seen in the CCTV footage are believed to have changed their clothes at the hotel before fleeing.

Police added that the killers travelled from Gujarat to Kanpur and then took another train or a car to reach Lucknow. The last-known location of the two men is somewhere in the National Capital Region.

The woman in the CCTV footage had earlier been identified as one of three possible suspects in the killing of the Hindu Samaj Party chief, along with two men both of whom are still on the run.

However, police now believe the woman may not have been involved in the murder. According to sources in the police, the woman was questioned and she said the two men had stopped her on the road and asked for directions and she helped them because she was familiar with the area.

“We have contacted Gujarat and Maharashtra ATS. Our team has also spoken to the woman who was seen in the CCTV footage. All aspects of the case are being probed,” OP Singh, Director-General of Police (UP), told reporters on Saturday night.

On Saturday, Tiwari’s mother and son spoke out against the investigation into his death, with his mother alleging her son was killed by a local politician over a land dispute and his son demanding the case be handed over to the National Investigation Agency (NIA).

“No one asked me what I feel, who I suspect. He (local politician) got my son killed. He is a land mafia. We had a dispute over a temple land,” Kusum Tiwari, the mother, said.

“We want the National Investigation Agency to probe the case. We do not trust anyone. My father was killed although he had security guards. How can we possibly trust the administration then?” Satyam Tiwari, the son, said.

Meanwhile, Tiwari’s family met Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Sunday

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