Shashi Tharoor’s #10YearChallenge Post Is A Jab At BJP

New Delhi:Congress leader Shashi Tharoor’s take today on the #TenYearChallenge was a brutal dig at the ruling BJP, which has been facing pressure from its allies and within to start work on a grand Ram temple at the site of a razed mosque in Ayodhya.

Mr Tharoor’s post implied that not a stone had moved in the plan to construct a temple between 2009 and 2019, while the BJP’s headquarters had seen a vast change from a bungalow to a multistorey complex.

Of course, the reactions of critics to the Congress lawmaker’s post were equally savage, if not more.

The BJP has used the viral challenge – and tweaked it a little – to highlight its achievements in office. The ruling party calls it the #5YearChallenge.

In the months before the national election due by May, some BJP leaders and allies like Shiv Sena have stepped up pressure on the government to put out an executive order or ordinance to enable a temple at the site where the 16th century Babri mosque stood before it was demolished in 1992 by Hindu activists who believed it had been built on the ruins of an ancient temple to mark the birthplace of Hindu lord Ram.

In a New Year interview, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had said, “Let the judicial process be over. After the judicial process is over, whatever be our responsibility as government, we are ready to make all efforts.”

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