Rajasthan crisis: Congress plans nationwide protests against BJP’s ‘anti-democratic’ actions

Rajasthan crisis: Congress plans nationwide protests against BJP’s ‘anti-democratic’ actions

Upping the ante on the power tussle in Rajasthan, the Congress has decided to launch nationwide protests in front of different Raj Bhavans against the “anti-democratic and anti-constitutional” actions of the BJP.

AICC general secretary in-charge of organisation K.C. Venugopal, on Saturday, said state units of the party have been asked to hold protests in front of the respective Raj Bhavans on July 27 at 11am under the theme ‘Save Democracy, Save Constitution’.

The protest gatherings, Venugopal said, will be held strictly adhering to the social distancing protocols issued by the health and civic authorities.

Prior to this protest, the party has decided to organise a nationwide online campaign on the theme ‘Speak Up for Democracy’ on July 26 from 10am. The PCCs have been asked to ensure participation of party leaders, MPs, MLAs and other functionaries by way of posting videos and posts on different social media platforms.

“The very basic constitutional and democratic frame of the nation is facing an unprecedented attack from the BJP. Democratic institutions, constitutional values and institutions are being subverted and subjugated in a dangerously premeditated manner, with democratically elected opposition governments in one state after another being toppled by the BJP, using money, intimidation and blatant misuse of constitutional bodies and functionaries,” Venugopal said.

He said horse trading to topple democratically elected governments has become the new normal. “What is all the more deplorable is that at a time when the entire country is reeling under the COVID-19 pandemic, floods and severe economic and financial difficulties, the BJP is going all out to unsettle elected governments, in the process derailing governance and preparedness to handle COVID and other pressing issues,” he added.

He charged the BJP with toppling the Congress government in Madhya Pradesh and said a similar attempt was being made in Rajasthan. “The BJP and its leaders are playing their dirty game to topple one of the most efficient state governments which has received praises from across the globe for successfully handling the COVID-19 pandemic,” he said, referring to the developments in Rajasthan.

Venugopal accused the Centre of misusing the governor’s office, saying in Rajasthan, the governor is refusing to call a session of the legislative assembly, despite the constitutionally binding and mandatory advise of the chief minister and his council of ministers. “The governors, instead of protecting the constitution, are acting in a blatantly partisan manner that facilitates political horse trading in the states,” he said.

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