MP Minister Threatens Voters, Says You Will Get Water After You Stop Voting for the Congress

Bhopal: Madhya Pradesh’s commerce minister Yashodhara Raje Scindia on Saturday threatened voters in Kolaras constituency to vote for the BJP candidate in the bypoll on February 24 or forget about receiving benefits of any government scheme.

Her comments have stirred a row and the Congress has approached the Election Commission against Raje for violating the model code of conduct by threatening voters.
Addressing a public meeting, Raje said the people of Kolaras would remain backward if they do not elect the BJP candidate. “Because if you elect the Congress candidate and he comes to me with your issues, I won’t talk to him, and I am the minister. My ministry will not do his work,” she said.

The BJP has fielded Raje for campaigning to nullify the impact of Congress leader Jyotiraditya Scindia in the seat that Congress had won in the last two elections.

When asked by someone in the audience why Kolaras residents do not get water, she said the people here would get water when they stop voting for the hand, the Congress symbol. “Twice you voted for the hand. How many times will you vote for the hand and live without water?” she replied.

She said that currently, when the list is made, people of Kolaras do not feature in it. “If our candidate fighting the election wins, he will make the list and add your name. He will bring your problems to us, the ministers. We will sit together and solve your issues. But this will only happen if you make our candidate the legislator. Or else, only you will stay backward,” she said. “We have our government. If you don’t elect our candidate, then you will remain backward,” she added plainly.

The minister said that she had gone to several places with the list of beneficiaries to see whether government schemes were reaching their intended targets. “You should also get the benefit but you are not getting it right now. Why? Because you voted for the hand.”

“I am telling you that there are schemes, like the one for gas stoves, but you don’t get it. It is a scheme of the BJP, of the lo“It’s a simple thing. If you vote for the hand, why would we give the stove to a legislator of the Congress so that they can give it to you? We won’t. You have to vote for that government whose schemes will reach your home,” she added.tus. If you vote for the hand, you won’t get it. If you vote for the lotus, you will get it,” she said.

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