MP: Congress uses Chouhan clip to claim BJP conspired to fell Kamal Nath govt

MP: Congress uses Chouhan clip to claim BJP conspired to fell Kamal Nath govt

Armed with an audio-video clip, purportedly of Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan giving an address to BJP workers in the Sanwer constitutency of Indore, the Congress says Chouhan has openly admitted that the Kamal Nath government was dislodged in the state at the instance of BJP central leadership and this would not have been possible without Jyotiraditya Scindia and his supporting ex-MLAs.

With this recording, Congress has come out at the BJP with guns blazing, saying that Chouhan’s public admission proves what the Congress has alleged right from the beginning— that the BJP conspired to dislodge the erstwhile Kamal Nath government.

The party has also said that it will seek legal advice on the matter and might take the issue to the Supreme Court, well as petition the President of India. 

The clips have since gone viral on social media. In the clips, Chouhan could be heard saying, “Kendriya netritva ne tay kiya, sarkar girni chahiye. Yeh barbad kar degi, tabaah kar degi. Aur yeh batao, Jyotiraditya Scindia ji aur Tulsi bhai ke bina sarkar gir sakti thi kya? Aur koi tariqa nahi tha…” (The [BJP] central leadership decided that the [Congress] government should fall. This [government] will ruin, destroy everything. And tell me, was collapse of the [Congress] government possible without Jyotiraditya Scindia and Tulsi Silawat? There was no other way).

The Congress says these statements serve as a clear public admission by Chouhan that the BJP had conspired with Scindia and his supporters to dislodge the Kamal Nath government. Kamal Nath tweeted saying that right from the beginning, he had said that the BJP intentionally dislodged his government through conspiracy and a game of temptations.

“This was done because my government was waiving loans of farmers, providing employment to youth, ensuring safety and honour of women, carrying out a campaign against the mafia, bringing investments to the state and constantly doing welfare work. The BJP could not tolerate this. It feared that such work will ensure it (BJP) did not return to power for years,” Kamal Nath tweeted.

“Now this [conspiracy of BJP] has been proven and the truth is open to the people of the state that how a game of conspiracy was played to dislodge my government and who all were involved in this. Those who said that Congress did not have majority, the government collapsed due to internal discontent, we have nothing to do with it – their lies have been exposed,” Nath further tweeted in Hindi.

“Shivraj ran government for 15 years on the basis of lies. People taught him a lesson, but even now he is constantly peddling lies,” Nath said.

Meanwhile, chief of MP Congress media cell and ex-minister Jitu Patwari said that now that it has been admitted openly that BJP conspired to dislodge Kamal Nath government, Congress will be seeking legal opinion and might take the matter to Supreme Court. “This is a criminal act and it has been admitted. Some individual might also Supreme Court in the matter,” Patwari said. 

Patwari also tweeted to say that the country will remember that the prime minister and home minister conspired to dislodge the MP government elected by its people. “[Narendra] Modi and [Amit] Shah should resign for this act against the constitution,” he tweeted.

Narendra Saluja, media coordinator of Kamal Nath, said that the matter will be brought to the notice of President of India as it is totally unconstitutional act.

BJP state president Vishnu Dutt Sharma could not be contacted for comments. The chief spokesperson of the state BJP outfit, Deepak Vijayvargiya, said that all the political parties worked under the guidance of respective central leaderships.

“When Congress MLAs resigned and they approached the BJP to join the party, permission had to be sought from the party central leadership. This is what Shivraj-ji is saying [in the clip]. Congress is frustrated and keeps making such allegations. It might take to the matter to high court or Supreme Court, but they are not in a position to face the court of the people, where all decisions are to be made,” Vijayvargiya said.

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