Kiran Bedi rides bullock cart to village, loses iPhone, recovers it later

Kiran Bedi rides bullock cart to village, loses iPhone, recovers it later

An expensive iPhone belonging to Puducherry Lieutenant Governor Kiran Bedi went missing during her visit to a lake near Puducherry as part of her ‘Green Puducherry and Water-rich Puducherry’ campaign on Saturday.

After a search, the former IPS officer, who led a large number of volunteers and officials raising slogans on the need to conserve water bodies, found the high-end phone lying in a thicket, but it was partially damaged.

The phone had fallen off while Bedi was riding a bullock-cart on a bumpy, slushy road.

An official in Raj Nivas told PTI that Bedi used another mobile phone with which she dialled her number and the ringtone led her to the thicket where her i-phone was located.

Earlier, in a WhatsApp message, Bedi said Bahoor lake was the second largest lake after Oussudu lake.

Through sustained efforts over the last few months the banks of Bahoor lake had been made walkers’ trail where over 3,000 saplings had been planted on either side of the water body.

Also, Bedi said she stumbled on 19th century stone images of two women Bangari and Singari who had been instrumental in the conserving the lake.

On Bedi’s instruction, the images were unearthed and they turned out to be a ‘historical feature of archaeological value.’ The Lieutenant Governor then performed poojas to the images and offered prayers along with those who accompanied her during her visit to the village.

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