Kangana Ranaut has been given undue importance, says Urmila Matondkar

Kangana Ranaut has been given undue importance, says Urmila Matondkar

Bollywood actor-turned-politician Urmila Matondkar, who joined the Shiv Sena on Tuesday, was dismissive of controversial actor Kangana Ranaut saying the latter has been given “unnecessary importance.”

Ranaut had sparked a controversy when she called Matondkar a “a soft porn star.” “I saw one very derogatory interview given by Urmila Matondkar. The way she was talking about me, pulling faces, making a mockery about my struggles, attacking me on the fact that I am trying to appease BJP for a ticket. One doesn’t have to be a genius to figure for me it is not very difficult to get a ticket. Urmila is a soft porn star. She is not known for her acting for sure, what is she known for? For doing soft porns right. If she could get a ticket, why wouldn’t I get a ticket?” Ranaut had said in September.

In her first remarks after joining the Sena, Matondkar said “unnecessary importance” has been given to the Queen actor.

“Earlier interviews given by me were part of a larger interview, but most of the questions were asked about Kangana. I think she has been given undue importance, and (I) do not think of giving any further importance to her,” she told reporters.

Matondkar had earlier said, “The entire country is facing the menace of drugs. Does she (Kangana) know Himachal is the origin of drugs? She should start from her own state”.

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