BJP MLA Threatens to Bomb Those Who Feel Unsafe in India

New Delhi: Stirring a new controversy, a BJP legislator from Uttar Pradesh’s Muzaffarnagar has demanded a law for stringent action against those who complain of feeling “unsafe” in India. Not stopping his barbs there, the MLA has called them traitors to the country.

“Give me a ministry and I will explode bombs behind those who aren’t loyal to the country… not even one will be left,” Vikram Saini, the legislator from Muzaffarnagar, said on Friday and then defended his remark saying he was merely speaking in his usual language and the one spoken in his village.

When the legislator was asked if he was willing to be a ‘human bomb’ for ‘such traitors’, he said, “Army has several bombs and I will drop them on these traitors.” He then said these were his personal remarks and shouldn’t be linked to his party.

“Hum to desh deewane hai (We are patriots),” he said, adding there should be a provision for punishment that acts as a deterrent for ‘such traitors’.

Saini also said that all those feeling unsafe could go wherever they felt safer. “We are not stopping them,” he said.

The BJP lawmaker is not new to controversies. Last year, he had said that “Hindustan is for Hindus” and added that Muslims should go to Pakistan.

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