Upcoming Land-Rover Based Tata H5X SUV to be Named ‘Harrier’ in India – Report

One of the most talked about cars in 2018, the Tata H5X made its public debut in India at the Auto Expo 2018. While the SUV showcased at the Auto Expo in the bright orange shade was a prototype, as per our conversation with Pratap Bose, Chief Designer at Tata Motors – the model showcased was a 70% production ready and will hit the roads by early 2019.

While the SUV has been spotted multiple times testing on the roads, a latest report suggests that the Tata H5X production model will be named Harrier (named after a bird) for the domestic market. The report also suggests that the model is already known as Harrier internally in Tata Motors, in sync with the carmaker’s trend of codenaming its models after birds.

Tata H5X SUV cabin.
Tata H5X SUV cabin.

What changed this time is the fact that Tata will use this internal codename as a final product name and is expected to make an official announcement soon. Interestingly enough, the Harrier moniker is also used by Toyota for a mid-size SUV in its global portfolio, but is not available in India.

The Tata H5X is expected to get a 2.0-litre diesel engine and is expected to be priced upwards of Rs 17 Lakhs upon its launch. It’s the company’s first product to be based on the shared Land Rover platform and to carry the new Impact Design 2.0 design language. There will be a five- and seven-seat configurations on offer.

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