Two hurt in Amsterdam Central Station stabbing; attacker shot, say Dutch police

Two people were hurt in a stabbing incident at Amsterdam’s busy Central Station on August 31 morning before the alleged attacker was shot and wounded, police said.

“A suspect has been shot after a stabbing incident at the Amsterdam Central Station,” the police said on Twitter, indicating that the station had been evacuated and closed to all rail traffic.

However, the police shortly afterwards issued an update to say there was “no talk” of a complete evacuation and only two platforms had been closed.

The two wounded people and the knife-wielding suspect were taken to hospital, Amsterdam Police said.

Trams not running
Trams, which leave from the front of the station were not running, the police added.

Around 250,000 people travel through the Central Station every day, according to statistics provided by the travel guide.

The station is located on the Dutch capital’s historic canal-ringed city centre.

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