Toilet Flush Heard During Supreme Court Hearing in US Has Left a Bad Smell on the Internet

In what can truly be attributed as a funnily awkward incident, a flush sound was heard during live audio streaming of a hearing that took place in the United States’ Supreme Court.

The incident occurred when a case pertaining to robocalls was being heard. A sound of flush followed when a lawyer was presenting his side of the case.

In the audio clip, which is going viral on social media, one can hear Roman Martinez, Attorney for American Association of Political Consultants Inc saying, “What the FCC has said is that when [flush sound] the subject matter of the call ranges different topics then the call is transformed, and it is a call that would have been allowed, which is no longer allowed”.

Even though, the sound of flush was clearly audible it did not seem to have distracted Roman. As of now, it is not known who used the flush during the hearing.

However, the clip which is now viral has got all kinds of reaction on Twitter.

A user said, “The sound of the toilet flushing during Supreme Court arguments is so loud that I have to believe the culprit was IN the bathroom, though not necessarily on the toilet.”

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