Passenger Insists on Smoking Onboard, Airline Deplanes Him. He Then Apologises

New Delhi: Full-service airline Vistara offloaded a passenger Friday as he insisted on smoking onboard but did not file any police complaint after he apologised for the unruly behaviour, an official said.

The incident happened on a flight from the national capital to Kolkata.

“After pushback from Delhi which was the intermediate stop enroute to Kolkata, we had an unruly customer situation who insisted on smoking on board.

“He was issued a warning letter by the captain and later offloaded when he denied to comply with air safety rules,” a Vistara spokesperson said in a statement.

According to the spokesperson, the passenger apologised and the airline did not file any police complaint.

He noted that the airline does not accept unruly behaviour of any kind.

The spokesperson said that the same aircraft before flying to Amristar from Delhi was delayed after a passenger requested to be offloaded with family due to a personal emergency after pushback.

“As a result of which the aircraft had to return to bay and undergo mandatory security rescreening, causing delay in departure,” he added.

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