Ludo-Like Game in Ancient Egypt Was Used to Communicate With the Dead

Ludo-Like Game in Ancient Egypt Was Used to Communicate With the Dead

A Ludo like historical Egyptian game called ‘board game of death’ was used as a means to communicate with the dead over 3500 years ago.

The match was performed across all levels of Egyptian cultures, till some 2500 years ago. After around 700 years of performing this for the first time, some ancient texts started hinting it towards giving a hyperlink to the afterlife.

A person now thinks that he has identified a senet board, which was used to play board game of death from the center of one particular of the first periods that the game depicted. Based on fragments of historical texts, it is being believed by archaeologists that it was likely a recreation for two gamers, in which each had five pawns to go all-around the board. Players would most likely toss the dice to see how much they could move a pawn on their turn.

According to an Archaeologist in Netherlands’ Maastricht University, Walter Crist, a senet board had collections of the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum. He further claimed that the board that dates some 3500 years ago has reversed format in which the get started square is positioned.

This design and style belongs to the Middle Kingdom Interval of ancient Egypt. The board also has symbols on the twenty-sixth and twenty-ninth squares that, as per the archeologist, are neither completely religious nor totally secular.

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