Hyderabad veterinary doctor murder: ‘They raped her in lorry cabin even after she died’

HYDERABAD:  More chilling details regarding the rape and murder of the veterinarian emerged from the remand report of the case submitted to the court on Saturday. Reportedly, the four accused persons continued to rape the woman inside the cabin of a lorry even after she had died.

It is learnt that the accused – Mohammad alias Areef, Jollu Shiva, Jollu Naveen and Chennakeshavulu – took close to one hour from the time they dragged her into the open plot, forced her to consume whiskey mixed with a soft drink, hit her on the head, raped and killed her. 

Further, it was found that after killing her, they dumped her body in the lorry cabin and continued raping her one after the other.

After the assault in the cabin, they decided to move on but one of them got down from the vehicle and returned with her clothes. 

They kept driving on the National Highway towards Shadnagar, looking for dark patches to dispose of the body.

After stopping on the culvert at Chatanpally of Shadnagar, they wrapped her body in a blanket and got down from the vehicle to dispose of it. 

They decided to burn the corpse so that her identity would not be found.

On Saturday, in a rare turn of events, the magistrate arrived at the police station and sent the accused to judicial custody. 

Meanwhile, the Bar association of Mahbubnagar district court in a general body meeting held on Saturday decided not to extend legal services to the accused.

Rangareddy district court Bar Association too had passed a similar resolution. Anantha Reddy, president of Mahbubnagar Bar Association said, “We have decided not to file bail petition for the accused and appear on behalf of them during the trial. If anyone steps in to appear on behalf of them, we will obstruct them as well.”

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