Famous radio host Binaca Geetmala’s voice, Ameen Sayani, passes away at age 91.

Iconic radio host Ameen Sayani has died at the age of 91 after suffering a heart attack, his son Rajil Sayani said on Wednesday.

Rajil Sayani stated that his father was rushed to the HN Reliance Hospital in Mumbai but couldn’t be saved. The funeral will be held on Thursday, he added.

Born on December 21, 1932 in Mumbai, Ameen Sayani was a household name for generations, captivating audiences with his melodious voice and engaging style. He began his career as an English-language broadcaster, and transitioned to Hindi after India’s independence.

Sayani achieved immense popularity through his radio program ‘Geetmala’, which played a pivotal role in popularising radio listening in India.

Geetmala, hosted by Sayani, became a national phenomenon, showcasing popular Hindi film music and captivating listeners for decades. His signature way of addressing listeners as “Behno aur Bhaiyo” (sisters and brothers) became instantly recognisable and widely imitated.

Sayani’s career spanned over six decades, producing and presenting over 54,000 radio programs and 19,000 voice-overs for advertisements and jingles.

He also dabbled in acting, appearing in various films in small roles, often portraying an announcer.

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