Delhi Youth Shot Dead for Mocking Dancer’s Moves During Valmiki Jayanti Celebrations

New Delhi: A man’s ‘funny’ dance moves were difficult to ignore for anyone present at Valmiki Jayanti celebrations at Mandir Marg area. While some took out their phones to record the street dance, others couldn’t help but laugh. Among them was a 20-year-old dance instructor, whose giggling didn’t go down well with the ‘star on street’.

Before anyone could understand, a bullet hit 20-year-old Avinash Sangwan. “Suddenly, I heard a gunshot sound and saw Avinash bleeding from his chest. We helped Avinash remove his t-shirt and found him bleeding from his right side of the chest. He then collapsed on the road. We rushed him to Lohia hospital in a passerby’s car,” Avinash’s friend, Nikhil Sangwan, also a dance teacher, said.

According to a report in Hindustan Times, an onlooker, who was recording people dancing on the street near a temple in central Delhi, captured the moments after the shot was fired.

The man, who was seen dancing carefree minutes ago, had shot Avinash from close range in the chest on Wednesday night. Many people around him hadn’t realised that the dance instructor had been shot. It is only when the dance instructor took off his T-shirt that people realised what had happened.

Nikhil told police that he and his friends including Avinash were dancing near the temple when they noticed a well-built man also dancing.

Avinash reportedly mocked the stranger about his dance steps. The man came towards Avinash and pushed him away angrily. He seemed to have left but returned soon enough along with two of his friends. The three sensed trouble and this time, Avinash ignored him and asked his friends to move away. The man disappeared but only half-an-hour.

“He returned with his two friends and they all joined us in the dance, but suddenly opened fire at Avinash,” Nikhil said in his complaint. Doctors said he had died of the gunshot well before he had reached, he said.

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