2-Hour Delays at Mumbai Airport as Air India’s Contractual Ground Staff Go on Strike Over Diwali Bonus

Mumbai:  Flights in and out of the Mumbai airport are expected to be hit by delays on Thursday with the contractual ground staff of Air India on strike since Wednesday night over unpaid Diwali bonus.

“Due to a sudden industrial situation at Mumbai airport by Air India Air Transport Services Limited (AIATSL) employees, some flights have got delayed. We are assessing the situation and all efforts are being made to minimise delays or disruption,” ANI quoted an Air India spokesperson as saying.

The news agency quoted another Air India statement as saying that early morning flights were delayed by two hours. “Air India’s permanent employees have been deputed to normalise the flights. Only early morning flights from Mumbai for delayed by 2 hours.”

The ground staff of AIATSL check in passengers, help with handling their baggage and other cargo, and also take up such duties for foreign carriers on contract basis.

“All Air India flights are being hit. Some like the Mumbai-Bangkok flight AI 330 are still on ground,” Times of India quoted a source as saying. The flight was reportedly scheduled to depart at 1:45 am.

The report added that the Mumbai-Bangkok flight finally departed at 8:18 am after a delay of seven hours.

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