Viral Photo of Ranu Mondal’s ‘Ridiculous’ Makeover is Fake, Makeup Artist Shares Real Pictures

Viral Photo of Ranu Mondal’s ‘Ridiculous’ Makeover is Fake, Makeup Artist Shares Real Pictures

A few days ago, a photo of internet celebrity Ranu Mondal went viral, which was then inevitably converted into memes and jokes online. Mondal has been on a roller coaster ride since she became a household name after a clipping of her singing “Ek Pyaar Ka Nagma Hai” at a train station in Ranaghat literally became the most watched video of 2019.

From being the internet’s favourite singer to being the easiest target for online trolls and meme-makers, Ranu Mondal has seen it all. The woman, whose rags-to-riches story touched us all, soon became the butt of jokes and sadly, for no fault of hers.

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram were soon bombarded with Photoshopped images of Ranu Mondal and memes which are meant to induce laughter. The notion of “humour” has become so contorted in the age of free internet, that laughter at someone else’s cost is the only way we know.

Recently, Mondal was invited to an event where she was given a complete makeover. With bright make up and a fancy hairdo, she looks nothing like she did in the first video that surfaced of her. However, as it turns out, most of the photos that had been circulated of Mondal after the event had been fake.

The make-up artist behind the extreme makeover, too, faced the brunt of social media users who felt that the former should have taken Mondal’s age into consideration. Because, of course, beauty standards in India dictate that older women should only dress according to what the society deems fit for their age. However, the make-up artist in question has decided to come forth with the truth.

On their official Instagram page, Sandhya’s Makeover, the make-up artist shared the real photograph of Ranu Mondal, post her makeover.

If the photo is indeed true, that should shut haters up and maybe we can finally let Ranu Mondal live her life the way she pleases.

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