‘Tarzan’ actor Joe Lara among 7 killed in plane crash

‘Tarzan’ actor Joe Lara among 7 killed in plane crash

Joe Lara, the actor who played Tarzan in the television series Tarzan: The Epic Adventures has died in a plane crash, according to reports. The plane carrying seven passengers, including Lara and his diet guru wife Gwen Shamblin Lara, crashed in a lake near the US city of Nashville on Saturday.

By Saturday night, operations had switched from search and rescue to recovery efforts, RCFR incident commander Captain Joshua Sanders told a press conference. On Sunday afternoon, RCFR said on Facebook that recovery operations had found “several components of the aircraft as well as human remains” in a debris field about half a mile wide, the AP stated in a report.

Lara played Tarzan in the 1989 television movie Tarzan in Manhattan. He later starred in the television series Tarzan: The Epic Adventures, which ran from 1996-1997.

His wife, whom he married in 2018, was the leader of a Christian weight-loss group called Weigh Down Ministries which she founded in 1986. In 1999, she founded the Remnant Fellowship Church.

“The seven Remnant Fellowship leaders lost May 29, 2021 were some of the finest and most loving people that you would ever come across. During this horrible tragedy, our church would greatly appreciate prayers,” the church said in a statement to media.

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