Salman assassination bid: Cops nab sharpshooter who surveilled actor’s house

Salman assassination bid: Cops nab sharpshooter who surveilled actor’s house

The arrest of a sharpshooter of Lawrence Bishnoi gang has led to shocking revelations. The gunman, who was allegedly involved in the murder of a Faridabad resident in June, had plans to murder actor Salman Khan, the Indian Express quoted police sources.

According to police, the sharpshooter had already conducted a recce in Mumbai on Bishnoi’s directions earlier this year.

Lawrence Bishnoi, who is currently lodged in a Rajasthan prison, is part of the Bishnoi community that revers black bucks. The community and the gangster has held grudge towards Salman since the actor killed two black bucks in Jodhpur in 1998.

“During questioning, it has emerged that Rahul had travelled to Mumbai in January to conduct a recce for the murder of Salman Khan. He went to the actor’s house in Bandra for the purpose and stayed in the area for two days,” said Rajesh Duggal, DCP (Headquarters) told Indian Express.

“He conducted this recce at the behest of Bishnoi and Sampat Nehra, another member of the gang, who had also conducted a recce to plan for the same crime before he was arrested in June 2018,” he said.

Nehra had been arrested from Hyderabad for allegedly plotting Khan’s murder, also at the behest of Bishnoi, Indian Express reported.

Salman Khan has been sentenced to five-years imprisonment in the black buck hunting case, but is out on bail. Earlier this year, he received death threats on social media also.

After Rahul’s arrest, cops have increased security for Salman Khan, Mumbai Mirror reported.

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