Kim Kardashian Has Pissed Off Desis Again By Posting Photo Wearing Bangles and Maang Tikka

Kim Kardhashian is definitely not part of the former. A new picture of herself which the reality-show star posted on Twitter has become the source of flak, for the simple reason – it’s definitely not culture appreciation.

The picture shows Kardhashian dressed in a colour-block grey outfit, consisting of a crop top and a long skirt. Along with it, she sported gold bangles and a gold maang tika.

She captioned the picture with just a thermometer emoji, indicative of how ‘hotness.’

And it got hot all right. Just probably not from her photo. Desi’s started soon getting angry at the blatant culture appropriation.

If just the obvious reaction from desis wasn’t enough to convince you, this is not the first time she has done it.

She was earlier accused of appropriating Japanese culture. And black hairstyles. And black hairstyles AGAIN.

Also, on her reality TV show, she called Indian food ‘disgusting.’ She also, appropriated the mang tikka earlier, as well, and wore the traditional Indian ornament to a church service.

In fact, she’s done this so many times that simply Googling ‘Kim Kardashian culture appropriation’ brings out the sheer number of instances where she has appropriated culture and been called out for it.

Yet, despite the claims and the outrage, Kardashian continues to be a serial offender.

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