Kangana ‘trying to further her own agenda’, ‘settle scores’ with Sushant’s death: family lawyer

Kangana ‘trying to further her own agenda’, ‘settle scores’ with Sushant’s death: family lawyer

After the death of Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput, Kangana Ranaut has been targetting the bigwigs of the industry, asking if the actor’s death was indeed suicide or ‘planned murder’ by an industry that does not acknowledge outsiders.

Kangana, who has been critical of the ‘nepotism’ culture of Bollywood, had claimed that the late actor was anxious about getting work and alleged that there is a ‘Bollywood mafia’ targetting outsiders. In an interview, she had accused Yash Raj Films of sabotaging Sushant’s career by denying him films, and claimed that Aditya Chopra refused to cast the late actor in his films. She also called out Karan Johar and Mahesh Bhatt and said they too were part of ensuring that Sushant’s career is sabotaged.

However, Vikas Singh, the lawyer of the family of the late actor, came out saying Kangana is merely pushing her own agenda.

Sushant Singh’s has been maintaining that the actor’s suicide did not have anything to do with the nepotism culture of Bollywood. In his complaint, Sushant’s father had said, “While my son was doing extremely well in Bollywood till May 2019, a girl named Rhea Chakraborty and her family members and others got in touch with him so that she could use his contacts to make a career in the film industry.”

In an interview to PINKVILLA, Singh said, “She (Kangana) is trying to further her own agenda and attack people she has a personal issue with to settle her own scores. She seems to be on her own trip. The family’s FIR has nothing to do with her claims at all,” and dubbed the statements of Kangana as “unimportant.”

Nonetheless, he admitted that nepotism exists in Bollywood and “Sushant too must have faced discrimination.” He clarified that while things like nepotism may have been contributory factors, the main case is how Rhea Chakraborty and “and her gang tried to completely exploit and finish Sushant.”

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