Elizabeth Hurley Wears Her Son’s Clothes

Los Angeles: Actress Elizabeth Hurley says she often wears her 16-year-old son Damian’s clothes.

In an interview to You Magazine, Hurley said: “I tend to wear Damian’s cast-offs. His 14-15-year-old trackie bottoms fit me perfectly.”

Hurley and Damian share a very close bond as she has raised him for many years as a single parent. She says she is just lucky to have a child whose personality is similar to her own.

“I rather think I’ve simply been blessed with a child whose personality gels with mine. Friends who have several children always admit, although they love them all equally, inevitably there’s one whose personality mirrors their own and they ‘get’ each other better. It’s definitely nature not nurture,” Hurley said.

However, “The Royals” star says she does worry about being overbearing, and accepts that it is important to change how you treat your child as they get older.

“I do worry sometimes that I’m overbearing. The one thing I didn’t realise about being a parent is how you have to adapt your behaviour as they grow. You might treat your son one way for 13 years then, almost overnight, it sounds patronising and bossy,” she said.

Hurley loves the idea of her family remaining close to her, and is delighted that her mother, Angela, has moved in with herself and Damian.

“I’d be thrilled if Damian were to keep a room here after he leaves home.”

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