Celebrity chef and TV personality Jagee John found dead in house

Celebrity chef and TV personality Jagee John found dead in house

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Noted TV anchor, celebrity chef and Instagram sensation Jagee John was found dead in her house at Kuravankonam in the capital city on Monday. Her body was found in the kitchen of the flat where she was living with her mother. Peroorkada police who are probing the case said the exact reason of the death was unknown yet and they had registered a case of unnatural death. 

The 38-year-old was a known face in fashion, music and fitness world and had made her mark as a celebrity chef in a culinary show that was aired on a prominent television channel. The police said the woman was found dead in the kitchen in the evening and one of her acquaintances had informed the police. 

The police recorded the statements of Jagee’s mother, who seems to be suffering from memory loss. She reportedly told the police that her daughter was cooking in the kitchen when she collapsed to the floor. The family did not mingle freely with the neighbours and hence there is a dearth of information about them, the police said.

The body did not bear any wounds and the death did not seem to have occurred due to any foul play, the police said. A conclusion can be reached only after the autopsy, the police added.

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