Avengers 4: Is Loki Dead? Tom Hiddleston Hints at Crucial Details

Marvel fans cannot overcome the ending of Avengers: Infinity War where Thanos turned half the Avengers into dust with a snap of his fingers. While it is expected that a number of superheroes will be back, the big question is who and how many.

But before Thanos’ fateful snap, we already lost an Avenger. After few minutes into the film, fans were shocked when Thanos killed Loki- God of Mischief, in front of his brother Thor. That didn’t go down well with many viewers and they think that Loki might be alive. At ACE Comic Con, Tom Hiddleston himself addressed this fan theory.

At the event, he was asked if Loki would ever find redemption. To this, he replied, “The thing is, he is redeemed. I found it very touching because Loki, as a character, has been so broken for so long.”

Apart from this, the actor also talked about the complexity of his character. “I think the center of him has been very fragile and very isolated after those traumatic events in the first film when he finds out that he was adopted. Not only was he adopted, but that his father had left him to die, so he has internalized that shame of being abandoned and being alone,” said Tom Hiddleston.

Incidentally, in earlier Marvel movies, Loki has proven time and time again that it is not easy to kill him. Not revealing much, Hiddleston mentioned that even he is unclear if Loki survived at the hands of Thanos or not. Although, the actor was spotted on the set of Avengers 4, making fans hope for his return.

Is Loki alive, dead or he found redemption? We’ll find out answers to these questions in 2019 when the last film in the Avengers franchise hit the screens.

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