Actor Rohit Roy Denies Sexual Harassment Allegations, Says ‘That’s Not Me At All’

Actor Rohit Roy has been accused of sexually harassing an unnamed woman. The accuser, who reached out to a journalist through social media, alleged that she had been persistently harassed by Rohit.

In the harrowing first person account, the woman claimed that Rohit would send her “suggestive” messages when she was about 16-year-old. “He’s harassed me on several occasions since, trying to get me to kiss him. Including when his wife (was) in the next room,” she wrote.

She also alleged, “I was trying to get a job in school (and) he invited me to his office to chat. Thankfully, I never ended up going.”

When News18 reached out to Rohit Roy for his comment, the actor strongly denied the allegations. He said, “I had checked the entire account, that’s not me at all. I would love to know who this is. It’s not actually sexual harassment or anything like that. I saw the entire thing. I think there has been some mistake. I’d love to know who I have harassed in my life. Please find and let me know.”

Over the past few weeks, many women have come forward and shared their own #MeToo stories– both on and off social media. The strong allegations of sexual abuse and harassment against actor Nana Patekar and director Vikas Bahl sparked an avalanche of accusations against several powerful men in Bollywood, media and politics.

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