Actor Buddhaditya in controversy for remarks on NSD

Actor Buddhaditya in controversy for remarks on NSD

Bhubaneswar: Two frontline actors of Odia film industry Buddhaditya Mohanty and Manoj Mishra have resorted to mud-slinging over a controversial statement of the former on theatre training at National School of Drama (NSD).

While expressing grief on the demise of veteran actor Rishi Kapoor, Buddhaditya Mohanty recalled about his close relation with the veteran actor and how he used to chat with him on social media during an interaction with an Odia news channel.

The actor said Rishi Kapoor and Sridevi like actors are spontaneous actors who were born with acting skills and they have proved that acting is an inborn quality which cannot be learnt by completing an acting course like institutions like NSD are providing.  All these acting and theatre trainings are bogus.

However, Mohanty’s statement on NSD did not go well with actor Manoj Mishra and he hit back saying the actor has lost his mental balance due to lockdown urged him to refrain from derogatory remarks on NSD like institute of national repute.

Mishra is a NSD alumnus and proud of his alma mater.

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