Kolkata metro leaves station with man’s hand stuck in door; he falls, dies

Kolkata metro leaves station with man’s hand stuck in door; he falls, dies

A middle-aged man, identified as Sajal Kanjilal, died in a freak accident in Kolkata Metro on Saturday evening when he fell from a running coach while trying to board it.

The incident took place at Maidan Station around 6:42 pm when the train started moving from the station and headed for Park Street.

Passengers told the police and the media that the man was trying to board the overcrowded AC coach but the automatic door closed while his arm was inside the train.

“The passenger was hanging from the train when it started moving. We raised an alarm, but to no avail,” said Sudip Roy, an eyewitness.

“The man fell on the tracks after the first four bogies left the platform,” said Indrani Banerjee, the spokesperson for Kolkata Metro.

Passengers said Kanjilal, who was hanging from the coach, fell on the tracks after he hit a gate at the end of the platform.

Indrani Banerjee described the incident as “unfortunate” and said a probe would be ordered to find out how the sensors that are supposed to keep the door open in case of obstruction and prevent the train from moving, did not work.

“The matter needs investigation. Steps will be taken against whoever is found guilty,” said Banerjee even as a large number of passengers began an agitation at the Maidan station alleging they saw sparks and smoke below the coach.

Mritunjoy Chakraborty, another eyewitness told the media that after the accident the train would not move for close to 40 minutes triggering extreme panic among the passengers who were trapped in the train without any announcement.

“Attempts to communicate with the driver through the intercom in every compartment failed,” said Chakraborty.

The passengers were finally evacuated through the driver’s cabin at the end of the train.

Urban development minister Firhad Hakim reached the Park Street station after the accident.

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