Former MP Baishnab Charan Parida passes away .

Bhubaneswar: Former Rajya Sabha member Baishnab Charan Parida passed away at a private hospital in Bhubaneswar on Thursday. He was 77. He was diagnosed with cancer and undergoing treatment at a private hospital, said family sources.

Mr. Parida was elected to Rajya Sabha in July 2010 as BJD nominee. He was state president, Samajwadi Party from 1999-2008. He was born on 15 February 1941 in Srirampur, P.S. Mangalpur of Jajpur district, Odisha. His father Jagbandhu Parida was a worker in jute mill in Kolkata and a folk singer and his mother Sulochana Parida was a housewife. His early School education was at Mangalpur primary School. He was admitted to Mahtab High School at Mangalpur

After his matriculation, he moved to Kolkata to continue his higher studies as his father was working there. He completed his Graduation in Kolkata from Bangabasi College and MA In Political Science from the University of Calcutta. Later he completed his M.Phil from Moscow University.

He was a member of Communist Party of India (CPI) from 1960 to 1992. A great follower of Karl Marx and his ideology, he slowly and steadily got involved in trade union and labour movement in West Bengal. In 1964 he was elected as member of Executive Committee of West Bengal Students Federation. Before that in 1963 he established West Bengal Oriya Students Association and in 1965 established West Bengal Oriya Citizen Council at Kolkata. In 1965 he formed Soviet Land (Oriya Editor) as a member of its editorial board. He continued as a member until 1975.[2] He married Swarna Lata Parida on 3 March 1972.

In 1974 Baishnab Parida moved to Moscow with his family for a special assignment for Indo-Soviet coordination. He stayed there until 1989. During his stay in Russia he held several positions. After fifteen years in Moscow he returned to Odisha. A Marxist and socialist at heart, he had to leave CPI due to some differences on application of Marxist ideology in Indian reality.

During his stay in Moscow he read literature on Mohandas K. Gandhi and Ambedkar, slowly and steadily he was attracted towards Gandhian Philosophy and Lohia’ s ideology. And eventually in 1993 he joined Indian National Congress. Until 1998 he was in Congress but due to his differences with the state party leadership he left congress and joined Samajwadi Party in 1999 as its State President. He was in Samajwadi party until he resigned in 2008. In 2008 he joined BJD.

He had written several books namely Caste System in India, S.A. Dange and Trade Union Movement in India, Octopus of Corruption, Political Economy, Jharkhand Movement and the Political Aspirations behind it and translated 31 Russian Classics including Maxim Gorkey’s Mother’, Dostoevsky and Chekhov’s novels and stories, Leo Tolstoy’s Father Sergei and other novels, Puskin’s Captain’s daughter ; four volumes of Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels’ works; theoretical and political treaties of Plekhanov and Vladimir Lenin and many children books into Oriya; edited books translated by many prominent Oriya writers, translated the ‘Matir Manish’ of Kalindi Charan Panigrahi, noted Oriya writer and other 28 best Oriya stories into Russian as a co-translator, published Pratinidhi (Oriya fortnightly) from Kolkata, 1963–69; contributes regularly for articles, journals and newspapers, has written numerous poems . He was known for fighting for Odia language.

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