Stopped at Lucknow airport by cops, Akhilesh Yadav pans UP’s ‘roko, thoko neeti’

Stopped at Lucknow airport by cops, Akhilesh Yadav pans UP’s ‘roko, thoko neeti’

Alleging that he was stopped from boarding a plane from Lucknow to Allahabad, Samajwadi Party chief Akhilesh Yadav lashed out at the Yogi Adityanath government on Tuesday. He said this government believes in “roko, thoko neeti” (policy of stop and encounter).

Yadav claimed that he was prevented from participating in a function at the Allahabad University, where he was scheduled to attend an event of the students’ union. In December last year, Samajwadi Party backed candidate Uday Yadav had won the union poll.

“I was prevented from boarding the airplane without any written orders. Currently detained at Lucknow airport,” the former chief minister tweeted.

“It is clear how frightened the govt is by the oath ceremony of a student leader. The BJP knows that the youth of our great country will not tolerate this injustice anymore!” Akhilesh posted.

Yadav said that he had informed the Yogi government in December about his visit to Allahabad University. “We sent the first programme on December 27…A detailed programme was sent on February 2 so that so that the administration could make necessary arrangements in the view of the Kumbh,” Yadav said at a press conference in Lucknow.

“But this government believes in ‘roko, thoko neeti’. It stopped me from boarding the plane. This government is scared of students,” he said adding, “I was also invited by a seer at Kumbh over lunch but this government led by a yogi has problem with that also.”

The Samajwadi Party leader also posted a series of photographs from the Lucknow airport showing an official standing at the stairs of the aircraft apparently blocking his path. Akhilesh Yadav was seen in another photo surrounded by a sea of people, including policemen.

Officials from the police and administration were already present when Akhilesh reached the airport to board the plane for Prayagraj. The moment Akhilesh stepped out the car, the officials made a ring around him.

“Do not touch me. Keep your hands off me,” he said.

Akhilesh said the officials did not have any written orders and failed to explain the reason behind their action.

I was stopped at the airport without any written order. The officials could not clear the issue despite being asked. The only motive behind stopping me from going to the students union programme was to suppress the socialist thoughts amongst the youth,” Akhilesh tweeted in Hindi.

Yogi Adityanath said that Akhilesh’s visit would have sparked a row in Prayagraj.

“Samajwadi Party should do away with its negative activities. At Prayagraj, Kumbh Mela is going on and Akhilesh’s visit could have created chaos there. Therefore, his visit was cancelled. The party is known for creating the ruckus,” he told newspersons in Lucknow.

Yogi Adityanath and the Bharatiya Janta Party slammed Akhilesh’s allegation that his government had stopped him from attending a swearing-in ceremony of the students union at Allahabad University. A leader of the Samajwadi Party Chatra Sabha, the student’s wing of the Samajwadi Party, holds the post of president of the university’s students’ union.

“Barely 10 days back Akhilesh Yadav had visited Kumbh and taken bath at Sangam. He has been detained to ensure that the situation remains peaceful as Kumbh is on in Prayagraj,” Adityanath said in Lucknow soon Akhilesh accused his government of vendetta.

“The Samajwadi Party should stop indulging in negative activities,” Adityanath said.

BJP leader Chandramohan said the party cadre had checked and exposed what he called “Yadav’s lie.” He said, “It is clear that the Samajwadi Party is frustrated. The BJP is going to resist such tactics.”

The Samajwadi Party also released the videos of Akhilesh Yadav’s detention at the airport. The Samajwadi Party workers, who were waiting for him at the Prayagraj airport, created a ruckus.

Samajwadi Party legislators also tried to raise the issue in the Uttar Pradesh assembly during Question Hour.

Anticipating law and order problem at the Allahabad University due to animosity between rival student groups, the university administration has not permitted any political programme to be held on campus and intimated them accordingly.

Accordingly, the administration in Prayagraj has informed the chief minister’s office and Lucknow’s district magistrate, said principal secretary (home) Arvind Kumar.

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