Sam Pitroda Asks Congress to Reach Out to People, Not Trust Social Media for Karnataka Polls

Bengaluru: As Congress President Rahul Gandhi tours the state ahead of the upcoming assembly elections in Karnataka, eminent technocrat and a friend of the Gandhi family, Sam Pitroda said that the former has grown as a politician and is “absolutely ready” for the 2019 battle. He also issued a warning for the party asking it to reach out to its people and not take things for granted.

“Of course he has grown. Everybody grows. When you spend more time, you definitely learn more,” he told CNN-News18, after releasing the highlights of the Congress manifesto in Bengaluru on Saturday.
Pitroda feels that Rahul Gandhi is absolutely ready for the 2019 Lok Sabha elections as well. However, he has warned his party friends that the Karnataka election is not going to be an easy one for the party.

“It is very important for us to win this election. Don’t take it lightly. I would like to tell my friends in the party that we haven’t won until we have won,” he said addressing a hall full of voters and several Congress leaders on the dais.

For the party, challenges are galore — from beating the anti-incumbency factor to fighting “false propaganda”.

Speaking on the use of money in elections, Pitroda added, “Money power works everywhere. The golden rule is whoever has gold rules but people will see through it and the Congress is relying on those people.”

“Lies sell very well during elections and social media amplifies these lies. People hide behind the cyber walls so that you don’t know who they are. So it is important for all of us to reach out to people through personal contacts, open communication and meetings,” he said.

But most importantly, Pitroda said, there is a need for Congress workers to put efforts at the booth level.
“If we can really do a good job at the booth level, is what matters. Whether Congress workers help and support people, whether they are able to get them to come out and vote in large numbers — these are things that will matter; not the lies or gossips,” said Pitroda.

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