Madhya Pradesh: Tribal Outfit JAYS To Release First List of Candidates

Bhopal: Just days after Samanya Pichhra Alpsankhyak Kalyan Samaj (SAPAKS), an outfit representing upper caste interests, said it is inviting applications from candidates for all 230 constituencies for the upcoming Assembly polls in Madhya Pradesh, Jai Adivasi Yuva Shakti (JAYS), a tribal organization, too has now announced that it will release its first ever list of candidates in Dhar on Tuesday.

JAYS, an organisation that represents the educated and progressive youth from the tribal community, announced that it will contest for 80 seats in the state in areas where tribal voters are in significant numbers. Dr Hiralal Alawa the convener of JAYS will announce its first list of candidates on October 2.

According to sources, the tribal party has invited film star Govinda to take part in the Kisan Mahapanchayat at Kukshi and have also lined up other film stars for future programmes.

Senior lawyer Anand Mohan Mathur, Vyapam whistleblower Dr Anand Rai, farmers’ leader Kedar Sirohi, MP Qazi Council president Ishrat Ali and others will also attend the event.

Due to JAYS’ strong presence in the Malwa-Nimar belt, its political venture could have serious impact on BJP-Congress plans for the state Assembly polls this year.

Only recently, the upper caste organizations decided to gather under the banner of SAPAKS.

The Samajwadi Party, which is trying to regain its foothold in MP politics, has paired up with Gondwana Gantantra Party, which has a considerable sway on tribal voters in the Vidhya and Mahakaushal regions.

The BSP, dubbed as the third prominent force in MP politics, too has resorted to an interesting move by announcing to contest at all the 230 Assembly seats.

Vote share wise, the BSP is the only major player apart from the Congress and the BJP.

Many believe that unless the Congress pulls up a surprise and cobbles up a grand alliance with smaller parties, things could really be tough for a divided opposition and would end up benefiting the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party.​

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