Congress Sites 100 mistakes of Modi: releases booklet, Brands him today’s ‘Shishupal’.

Congress on Saturday released a booklet containing “100 Mistakes” of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The party also termed Modi BJP’s ‘Shishupal’ (a character in the Mahabharat).

The booklet was released by the Maharashtra State Congress Committee.

In its booklet, Congress said the dream of ‘Achhe Din’ collapsed fatally in every sector and aspect. The common man was taken for a ride on the pretext of false promises, it added.

“Though the BJP government was in clear majority in 2014, they were unsuccessful in governing with diligence. Now is the time, the common man must elect their representatives on the basis of truth. For this, the mistakes done by the Modi government should be accounted for,” the stated in its booklet.

Elaborating on the term ‘shishupal’, the Maharashtra Congress said: “Narendra Modi often quotes from ancient Indian epics. One such important character is Shishupal from Mahabharat. Lord Shri Krishna had promised his aunt (mother of Shishupal) that he will forgive Shishupal for his first 100 mistakes. However, after that there will be no forgiveness. Similar is the case with the Modi government. The citizens of this country have overlooked 100 mistakes in the last five years.”

The Congress also highlighted the Rafale fighter jets deal as a mistake and alleged irregularities in the deal.

“The Indian government signed a contract with the France Government in 2016 to purchase the Rafale Fighter Aircraft. According to this agreement, the Modi government countered Rs. 58 Thousand Crores for 36 aircraft. This deal was signed with triple amount compared to the Congress-led coalition government. Apart from that, why pressure was made by Modi on France to make Anil Ambani the Offset Partner of Dassault Aviation?”

Congress also called Modi a looter, adding that there is a suspicion behind changing the previous Rafale contract to save the business of a friend (Anil Ambani) from dark shadows. The looter Modi extended crores of public money to benefit only his multi-millionaire friend, Congress alleged.

“On the one hand, the Indian government company, Hindustan Aeronautics has earned its name across the globe for making aircraft, while on the other hand, Reliance has zero experience in the production of the defence sector. Moreover, this company had got into this sector a few months ago before Modi made a contract.

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