Casteist Slur Against BSP Chief Mayawati Can Land Twitterati in Jail

New Delhi: Since BSP president Mayawati has joined Twitter, netizens are busy either welcoming her or taking a jibe over “sushri” in her handle. Yet there is a section, who has been trolling the former UP chief minister over reservation and her posts in English. What the members of the microblogging site do not know is that they could land in jail with their ‘not-so-harmful’ tweets aimed at the Dalit stalwart.

According to Delhi High Court lawyer Shailendra Pratap Singh, if people make casteist comments against Mayawati on Twitter, a case can be registered against them under SC/ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act. “People can be imprisoned if their remarks either have a strong language or the party is able to prove in the court that it was done with a ‘special intention’,” he added.

According to the Act, if a person belonging to the SC/ST community, lodges a complaint against someone under the special provision, the accused can be arrested immediately without further investigation. The cases registered under the Act are heard in special courts. Also, there is no provision of getting a bail if one gets arrested under the Act, the bail can only be granted by a high court.

The prime objective of the SC/ST Act is to deliver justice to marginalised through proactive efforts, giving them a life of dignity, self-esteem and a life without fear, violence or suppression from the dominant castes.

The Act provides protection from social disabilities such as denial of access to certain places and to use customary passage, personal atrocities like forceful drinking or eating of inedible food sexual exploitation, injury etc, atrocities affecting properties, malicious prosecution, political disabilities and economic exploitation.

Mayawati apparently joined Twitter in October last year, but began tweeting only from January 22. The account was verified two-three days later.

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