Assembly Elections: BJP Likely to Loss in MP, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, Says Survey

New Delhi: In a wake-up call for Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led BJP government, the Congress is poised to get a thumping majority in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh in Assembly elections scheduled to be held by the end of the year, while the prospects of the saffron party in these states are quite discouraging, reveals a recent survey.

The latest ABP-CVoter opinion poll predicts that the Congress will sweep the BJP government in these three states, which are said to be the strongholds of the saffron outfit, by getting the majority of votes.

The incumbent BJP, which enjoyed impressive mandate on the back of strong Modi wave in 2013 Assembly elections, will be comfortably defeated by Congress by big margins, which has been trying hard to make a comeback.

The saffron party is already reeling under severe anti-incumbency in Madhya Predesh and Chhattisgarh. The political scenario in Rajasthan is also not in favor of the Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje-led BJP government.

Madhya Pradesh: The Congress will show good performance in the elections for the 230-seat Madhya Pradesh Assembly. The party is projected to get 117 seats, just above the majority mark, while the BJP is projected to bag 106 seats. Other parties are likely to get 7 seats. In 2013 Assembly polls, the BJP had won a whopping 165 seats, with the Congress falling far behind with 58 seats, and others got 7 seats. In terms of vote share, the Congress is projected to be slightly ahead with a 41.7 percent vote share in the upcoming 2018 elections, followed by 40.1 percent share for the BJP. The others are projected to get 18.2 percent vote share in the 2018 Assembly elections. In the 2013 elections, the BJP got 44.9 percent vote share, the Congress 36.4 percent, and others 18.7 percent.

Chhattisgarh: In the 90-member Chhattisgarh Assembly, the Congress is projected to get 54 seats in the upcoming elections, followed by 33 going to the BJP. Others are projected to bag 3 seats. In the 2013 election results of the state, the BJP won 49 seats, followed by 39 seats going to the Congress. Others bagged just two seats. In terms of vote share, the Congress is projected to get 40 percent vote share in the upcoming elections, with the BJP falling 1.2 percentage points behind at 38.8 percent. Meanwhile, the Others are expected to garner 21.3 percent vote share. In 2013, the BJP got 41 percent vote share, the INC 40.3 percent and Others 18.7 percent.

Rajasthan: The Congress is expected to get a massive 130 seats in the 200-seat Rajasthan Assembly, while the BJP is projected to bag just 57 seats. Other parties will get 13 seats. In 2013 Assembly elections, BJP won 163 seats, far ahead of the 21 seats the Congress got. In terms of the vote share, the Congress is likely to get 50.8 percent, followed by the BJP with 36.8 percent in the upcoming elections. The others are expected to get 12.4 percent vote share. In the 2013 Vidhan Sabha elections, BJP had managed to get 45.2 percent vote share, followed by the Congress with 33.1 percent and Others at 21.7 percent.

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