Turkey: 93-year-old’s recovery from COVID-19 gives hope to healthcare workers

93-year-old’s recovery from COVID-19 gives hope to healthcare workers

Alye Gunduz, a 93-year-old Turkish woman was discharged on Saturday from a hospital in Istanbul, after being treated for the COVID-19. She was in treatment for 10 days. 

Gunduz recovering from the virus offered some hope to health workers at Istanbul’s Cerrahpasa Medical Faculty hospital as they battle the outbreak. 

“It is promising because patients at this age and with chronic diseases are most of the time unable to recover because they are at highest risk from COVID-19,” chief physician Zekayi Kutlubay told AFP. “A 93-year-old woman walking out of intensive care sound and safe is inspiring for us as well as for other coronavirus patients at her age,” he added.

On March 28, a 101-year-old man from Italy beat the virus after being in the hospital for a week. Other elderly patients making full-recovery from the virus include 103-year-old Zhang Guangfen from China, who was infected by the virus early March and a 97-year-old woman from Cheongdo in South Korea making full recovery. 

After the total number of deaths in turkey crossed 1,006, the Turkish Interior Ministry ordered a two-day curfew in 31 provinces, between midnight April 10 and midnight April 12.

Istanbul, Turkey’s largest city of about 15 million people, has emerged as the country’s virus epicentre with more than 60 per cent of the nationwide cases. Health workers across the country are being overwhelmed, with Turkey’s total number of cases crossing 42,300.

On Friday evening, Health Minister Fahrettin Koca on Friday evening announced 98 new deaths and 4,747 new cases of the COVID-19.

The government also announced that public places will be closed, besides restricting travel between provinces and imposing a curfew on those between the ages 20 and 65. 

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