Russia, UK bilateral relations takes a nose dive

Moscow – Russia expelled 23 British diplomats on Saturday in a retaliatory move against London, which has accused Russia of orchestrating a nerve toxin attack on a former Russian double agent and his daughter in southern England.
in a counter move, Russia said it was also shutting down the activities of the British Council, which fosters cultural links between the two countries, and Britain’s consulate-general in St. Petersburg.
The Russian Foreign Ministry said the 23 British diplomats had one week to leave the country.The move followed Britain’s decision on Wednesday to expel 23 Russian diplomats over the attack in the English city of Salisbury which left former Russian spy Sergei Skripal, 66, and his daughter Yulia Skripal, 33, critically ill in hospital.
The Foreign Ministry said Moscow’s measures were a response to what it called Britain’s “provocative actions and unsubstantiated accusations”. It warned London it stood ready to take further measures in the event of more “unfriendly steps”.
Relations between London and Moscow have reached to a post-Cold War low over the Salisbury attack, the first known offensive use of a nerve agent in Europe since World War Two.
British Prime Minister Theresa May said “We will never tolerate a threat to the life of British citizens and others on British soil from the Russian Government. We can be reassured by the strong support we have received from our friends and allies around the world”.Britain would consider its next steps with its allies in the coming days.

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