Banker dresses up as Spider-Man on the last day of work, goes viral

Talk about making your last day at work a memorable one – not just for yourself but also for your colleagues and the Internet in general. A banker in Sao Paulo, Brazil has gone crazy viral all over the Internet for dressing up as Spider-Man on his last day at work. His hilarious video of walking around the office in the red costume and interacting with colleagues has left many in splits.

Pictures and videos posted online show the man, not named, sitting on his computer and talking to other employees at the office dressed as Spider-Man.

Another picture shows him stretched out on a desk.

It looks like not only the man himself was enjoying his last day but others around him were entertained by the look as well.

While the pictures have collected over 1.2 lakh views on Imgur, the video has received over 2.4 lakh views. People on the Internet have been left thoroughly amused by the ex-banker Spider-Man .

“Dress for the job you want not the job you have,” says one Imgur user. “He got a new job as a web designer,” says another.

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