Telangana: Drunk teen caught eating live hen

Hyderabad: Close on the heels of the disgusting case of eight drunkards raping a goat in a Haryana village, a teenager in Telangana’s Mahbubabad district was caught eating a live hen on camera. A passerby filmed the weird deed of the youth and posted it on social media.

The incident took place in Mahbubabad district’s Kesamudram block on Tuesday. According to locals, the youths had consumed excessive amounts of alcohol and bought a hen to get a curry made at home. As they reached the Railway Over-Bridge (RoB), they two were unable to walk any further due to their heavily inebriated state. Soon after, one of them fell asleep in the open land adjacent to the road.

While his friend was asleep, the other youth started to bite and eat the live hen. He went on to consume its raw meat. He peeled the bird’s feathers and bit onto its skin. Later, he tore off the hen and ate nearly half of it before falling asleep next to his friend. The locals added that the hen was alive for some time.
This episode has kept the Kesamudram police on their toes. They have formed teams to identify the youth and bring him to book. Kesamudram sub-inspector said, “This comes under cruelty to animals and indecent behaviour in public”

“All clues we got from locals proved wrong. We searched the areas suggested by the locals. Till now, we could not identify the youths. Since the area is close to the railway station, we also suspect if the youths came from some other area and stopped here,” he added.

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