Scrap dealer in Bhiwani killed girlfriend, her 2 daughters; hid heads in ground, bodies in drum

A month after the police found three headless bodies stuffed in a plastic drum in Kharak village of Bhiwani district, the police on Sunday arrested two men for the murders. The prime suspect is on the run.

Police said the three headless bodies were of a 30-year-old Assamese woman and her two daughters aged 12 and 3.

The prime suspect of the murders, Rajesh, a scrap dealer, was the father of the woman’s three-year-old daughter.

Police said the woman had come to Bhiwani with her daughter some years ago after separating from her husband in Assam. Here, she met accused Rajesh and fell in love with him.

The duo started living together, though did not solemnise marriage. They also had a daughter three years ago.

Police said Rajesh hid this relationship from his family, who recently found about it. He was also angry at the woman as she was asking for money to raise her two daughters, the police said.

To get rid of her, Rajesh conspired with his friends to kill the woman and her daughters on December 27 last year.

He buried their heads deep in the ground and stuffed the body parts in a drum.

Police said Rajesh had been troubling the woman for a long time. A shopkeeper from whom the woman had sought help a long time ago went to the police and raised suspicion after he read about the case in the newspapers.

An investigation into his claims got the police close to two accomplices of Rajesh who helped him in the murder. The two have been identified as Makhan Lal and Punam alias Fouji. Police said Rajesh was on the run and raids were being conducted to nab him.

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