Mocked for Wearing Women’s Clothes in Social Media Videos, Chennai Man Commits Suicide

Ridiculed for wearing women’s clothes in his homemade music videos, a Chennai man allegedly committed suicide by jumping in front of a train a Wednesday.

According to a report by Hindustan Times, 24-year-old V Kalaiyarasan from Vyasarpadi in northern Chennai used to release homemade videos of himself via the TikTok app.

The police said that the man was so overwhelmed by the continuous teasing from his family, friends, acquaintances and even followers that he decided to kill himself.

According to a police official, Kalaiyarasan’s smartphone was missing when his body was retrieved. Further interrogation with family members disclosed that he was mocked for wearing women’s clothes in his videos, with many of his followers labeling him as a transgender. His social media behavior was condemned by his family members as well.

In the last video Kalaiyarasan posted, he said, “I will do things which I prefer. I cannot be cowed down by those who tease. Although I have uploaded many videos in a male role, why do the haters continue to hurt me when I am posing as a woman?”

Police informed that Kalaiyarasan’s social media accounts are being thoroughly investigated to find further evidence.

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