Isuzu D-Max X-Power Version Unveiled, Gets Black and Yellow Styling Updates

When it comes to cars in India that people like to fiddle around with and modify them to look more brawny and muscular, then the Isuzu D-Max V-Cross has established itself as one of the most popular choices. The Isuzu D-Max V-Cross comes with bold styling even as the standard model and with simple upgrades like larger wheels, the D-Max can be made to have one of the most intimidating stances of cars on Indian roads. Now, however, images of a new variant have surfaced online which make the Isuzu D-Max look like a vehicle right out of an action movie.

This particular version of the Isuzu D-Max has been named as the D-Max X-Power version. The model, however, is expected to be launched in the Chinese market as of now.

The Isuzu D-Max X-Power comes with several changes on the outside as well as the inside. Based on the same generation model as the one that is sold in India, the D-Max X-Power follows a black and yellow colour combination throughout the car. While the car gets a dark grey paint scheme, the grille, fog lamp encasings, outside rear view mirrors and the front bumper have been blacked-out. The bumper is a more sharply chiselled version of the standard model and gets yellow highlights on it too which are placed within the aluminium-finished skid plate.

The yellow accents are also carried on over to the blacked-out alloy wheels which have the contrasting accent placed in the centre. The aluminium-finish accents are there on the rear bumper as well.

The changes on the inside of the car come in the form of yellow accents throughout the cabin. The most prominent among which is the highlight surrounding in the centre console and the highlight on the passenger-side dashboard. The interiors of the Isuzu D-Max X-Power also get contrast yellow-stitching everywhere, including the doors, the centre arm-rest and the seats.

The X-Power variant only brings along visual changes whereas mechanically, the car remains the same.

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