Doctor kills driver, chops body into pieces and puts them in acid drum

BHOPAL: A senior state government doctor brutally hacked to death his newly employed car driver, chopped the body into at least two dozen pieces before putting them into a drum full of acid in his bathroom in Hoshangabad district of Madhya Pradesh.

Primary police probe into the spine-chilling murder has revealed that the government doctor Sunil Mantri (58) had become fed up with regular harassment by the driver Virendra alias Veeru (30), who suspected that the doctor had illicit relations with his wife.

The frightening murder was reported from Hoshangabad district (around 80 km from Bhopal) on Tuesday after the police raided the residence of Dr Sunil Mantri (the medical officer of Itarsi Civil Hospital) in Anand Nagar locality of Hoshangabad town.

“One of our informers told the police about a major brawl between Veeru’s father and relatives and Dr Mantri at latter’s house on Tuesday morning, as the driver’s family was unable to get satisfactory answers from the doctor about their son missing since Monday evening. Subsequently, a police team raided the doctor’s house and circumstantial evidence led the cops to the bathroom,” said Hoshangabad district police superintendent Arvind Saxena.

“Once into the bathroom, our team was stunned to find a big plastic drum containing multiple pieces of driver Virendra’s body dipped in acid. Remains of the body were also found sputtered on floor inside the bathroom. The doctor was subsequently questioned about it, after which he confessed to brutally murdering Virendra,” said Saxena.

Investigations based on the arrested doctor’s grilling suggest that Dr Mantri had planned the murder in advance for which he had purchased several bottles of acid at least two days before the horrific killing.

Virendra who had been troubling the doctor since months, suspecting that the doctor had an illicit relationship with his wife recently complained to the doctor about having a regular toothache. In a planned manner, Dr Mantri first promised Virendra proper dental treatment and then employed him as his car driver on Sunday.

On Monday evening, when Virendra again complained a toothache, the doctor cleverly brought to him to his house and administered an injection after which the newly employed driver fell unconscious.

“The doctor subsequently used a surgical knife and scissors to hack unconscious Virendra to death. He subsequently dragged the body into the bathroom where he chopped the body with surgical saw and knife into around two dozen pieces and dipped them into the drum full of acid to destroy evidence of murder,” said Saxena.

Virendra’s family has long been associated with the government doctor’s family, as his wife worked as an assistant to the doctor’s wife who ran a boutique since 2010 in Hoshangabad town. In April 2018, the doctor’s wife died, but Virendra’s wife continued to run the boutique. Virendra suspected that the doctor had illicit relations with his wife, owing to which he was repeatedly threatening and troubling the doctor.

Cops probing the case suspect that doctor didn’t commit the extreme act just as the driver suspected illicit relations between the doctor and his wife, but it’s quite possible that Virendra had something in his possession with which he was blackmailing the doctor.

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